Write a Letter; Better Yet, Have a Lawyer Do It For You!

penAs we go about our daily lives, it seems that conflict with others is often inevitable. Whether it’s because of a miscommunication or something more serious, it’s never easy or fun. Sometimes simply talking with the other party can clear up the conflict. Sometimes, you need outside help.

What is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a formal letter written to a party giving them notice that you have a legal dispute with them. The letter should contain the most important facts of the dispute and it should make a demand on the other party stating what you’re asking for and why you think you have a right to ask for it. The letter should also state how the other party can satisfy your demand and in what time frame they should do so before you consider legal action against them.

When is a Demand Letter appropriate?

A demand letter is appropriate in a plethora of situations. You may have a dispute with a business who you believe wronged you. You may have a conflict with a business partner of yours. You may even have a conflict with a family member. There are so many situations in which a demand letter might be appropriate that there are too many to list here.

To give you a few examples, I have written demand letter to a karate studio for a client who wished to terminate his contract based on the wrongful actions of an instructor. I have written a demand letter for a client who owned a Montessori school with a group of people who believed that he or she had breached their written contract. I have also written a demand letter for someone who disputed their brother’s actions under their mother’s Will after she died.

How can a Lawyer help?

A lawyer can help by advising you as to your situation and your legal options. More than that, a lawyer can write a well-drafted demand letter for you to ensure that you have the best chance as getting the results you want.

In all of the above three examples, my clients were able to resolve their issue with the other party without any further legal action. This is certainly a best case scenario and one that I would recommend before resorting to more serious action. Plus, it could save you lots of legal fees! A lawyer can typically write you a demand letter for a small fee.

If you would like to discuss writing a demand letter with an attorney, contact Leslie for a free consultation.


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